“We would like to take this opportunity and express our gratitude to entire Design Build team.

After loosing our home in Tubbs fire we were struggling with the entire rebuilding process(soils report, survey topo, arborist reports, structural engineering, civil engineering, architect, etc).

We made our decision to choose Design Build Co., after meeting you all amazing people-Jessica, John, Rob and Travis on our lot for the first time. We also want to mention wonderful Kate (landscape designer), whom we met later.

All of you earned our trust and respect from the onset, and then as a bonus, we made wonderful friends along the way.

We felt we were involved in every phase of the creative process, and you helped us navigate through the sea of options.

Your knowledge, transparency, and guidance brought back hope, and made whole design process enjoyable.

We can’t wait to start phase 2.


Edita and Tomas Vasiliauskas

“The Design Build Company coordinates and orchestrates multiple parallel aspects of a home build simultaneously while maintaining excellent communication with us and giving us the freedom to live our lives. They removed the stress, confusion, and anxiety that is normally associated with building a home from scratch. We could not be happier with our decision to use The Design Build Company.

We lost our house and everything we owned in the 2017 Tubbs Fire. Once we got over the shock and decided to rebuild, we were overwhelmed by the task of interviewing multiple contractors, architects, engineers, designers, the building department, and our HOA. All coordination and communication fell on my shoulders, and I already have a full-time job.

After meeting with Rob, John and Jessica with The Design Build Company, it was clear that a turn-key, “Design-Build” firm was exactly what we needed. Their construction and design team met us at our lot. Within a very short period, we were given a detailed, line by line proposal, and soon after that, we were working with their in-house design team.     

We received weekly status updates from their team which allowed us to provide feedback on the design. Even after being satisfied with the design direction, they continued to come up with improvements and adjustments that I would never have considered. While we were refining the interior design, their Principal Designer Jessica Pilgrim was one step ahead. They had already ordered a survey, engaged with a landscape designer, procured and provided us with copies of our HOA design guidelines and provided exterior elevation recommendations to work with our floor plan. Not once have we had to call The Design Build Company to find out what is going on…they are proactive and highly communicative.

JP Montemayor, Medtronic, Santa Rosa

“I absolutely LOVE working with this team! We interviewed a lot of people from all over the Bay Area and we know Rob, John and Jessica with The Design Build Company are the best choice out there!! They are always making sure we design within our budget without cutting corners (which takes a lot of skill). They take your dream and make it a (even better) reality!”

Danielle Perez, Orange Ave. Sonoma

“Dear Rob, Jessica and Design Build friends,

Thank you for all that you have done for us so far. We realize that we are only at the beginning of our journey to a new home, but now that we are nearing the permit process, we want you to know that we are grateful to you for your professional guidance and support along this stressful, scary process. It was never our dream to build a new house from scratch and you are making it exciting and fun. The Design Build team has proven to be experienced and professional. We are glad that we have chosen you to take us from concept to reality.

Jessica Pilgrim is our design genie. She listens to what we want and gives us valuable advice letting us know about wonderful changes and upgrades we never even thought about before and keeps us mindful of our limited budget. Sometimes we think she can read our minds. She makes the scary process of making changes to our house fun while encouraging us so that we actually get what we want.

Rob Auger is our enthusiastic cheerleader. No matter how panicked we are feeling about the commitment of building our new home he explains the process and helps us feel better. He has great, fresh, innovative ideas. He works hard to be available for questions and always responds quickly. We leave our meetings with smiles and hearts full of hopeful excitement.

Behind the scenes there are more great people working on all kinds of things, like getting bids and permits and inspections and surveys and approvals, drawing and engineering the house, shopping and ordering the best supplies, contracting with other professionals, bookkeeping and more all without asking us to do anything! We get updates every week so that we know where we are in our building process and that we are on schedule. It’s great.

Thank you for your dedication and expertise. It had been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to our continued relationship.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Peter Chang-Sing, M.D. and Kathryn R. Koh, R.N., J.D

“The Design Build Company is an amazing partner when looking to build a home. I am so pleased I went with them being a design & build firm, as they ensured that I got everything I wanted in my design while staying within budget, something you do not find from most in this industry. If I would have gone with an architect and builder from different firms I would have for sure designed an over budget home. They were also very patient and thorough all while taking the time to teach my wife and I during the process. They were very thorough in the sales process and then delivered on what they said. It is so rare to find a contracting and design company that is excellent at both and delivers on exactly what they told you when selling you. On top of all the above they are fast, cost effective and high quality so whoever said you cannot have all 3 in this industry has not met The Design Build Company.”

Gabe Perez, Orange Ave. Sonoma

“When we lost our home in the California wildfires it was difficult to know where to turn for help with so many things. Though we were fortunate to have support within the community and the resources to move forward and recover our lives and losses, we were also faced with many obstacles, a primary one being assuring we were compensated by our insurance company to the full extent of our losses and our policy.

As we moved forward with our rebuild we encountered Rob Auger, John Currier, and Jessica Pilgrim. During our initial contact they offered to provide us with a “Starter Budget” for replacement of our home, including updated costs based on their projections for labor and materials and additional expenses required by code upgrades that had taken place since our house was built.

When we received our Rebuilding Estimate Summary from the insurance company we were very disappointed to see that it was below policy limits on the dwelling and the dwelling extension and provided nothing at all for increased labor and material costs and required code upgrades, each of which were provided for in the policy. This is the point at which Rob and John truly became our saviors and made what would have been a very difficult situation into a relatively simple one. We provided our insurance company with the “Starter Budget” and referred the adjusters to Rob and John for any questions they had about the building and code upgrade costs we were anticipating. Rob and John always promptly responded to the adjusters and over the course of the next several months we were able to collect policy limits in all of our coverage categories, an outcome that seemed impossible in the initial stages of our recovery.

Based on my experience I would highly recommend using Rob. John and Jessica, whether it be as your contractor or for assistance with the frequently difficult process of recovering what you are owed by your insurance company.”

Steve Weiss, Santa Rosa, CA

“My wife and I lost our home in the Tubbs Fire and quickly attempted to move forward with the daunting task of putting our home back together. We had talked to numerous builders trying to find the right fit for our style as well as a company that had our best interest at heart but were unable to find that match. Then we met Rob Auger and Jessica Pilgrim in March of 2018. We knew immediately we had found the right company that seemed eager to help design the house of our dreams as well as giving us a budget that fit within our insurance proceeds. The entire company has been fantastic to work with and we are very confident that Design Build will deliver on their promise to us. I also referred a co worker to Design Build recently and the comment I got from her was “Design Build was exactly what we were looking for”. We look forward to begin building very soon and getting our life back with Design Build at the helm. We feel very fortunate that we found Design Build.”

Don & Karen Peterson

“What sets The Design Build Company apart is the fully integrated way they manage the development, design and construction process. From the entitlement process to sub-contractor coordination, Design Build staff were responsible for ALL design and construction. We had numerous “red tape” challenges with the city during our construction build and we were absolutely amazed at how Rob supported us, none of the past contractors we have worked with on our 20+ other development projects managed things for us the way Rob did. He went to the city multiple times, and in the end saved us over $30,000 in developer fees. They didn’t have to do this, they were just THAT committed to our success. If you’re looking for a contractor vendor, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a true partner, then go with Rob and the Design Build team. They are great when things are going well, but when there are challenges, they are with you every step of the way. In addition to delivering our project on time and under budget, Rob continually demonstrated a level of professionalism, knowledge and experience that is unmatched. They took what normally can be a painful process and made it enjoyable. We hopefully will get another opportunity to work with them again!”

Audra Baker, California Ave. Carmichael

“We met Rob Auger down the street from our property when he was looking at a neighbor’s lot. It was a chance meeting and after a short conversation he gave us his card. The builder we had planned on using did not work out so we gave Rob a call and it was the best call we could have made. We have been so pleased with his professionalism, his organizational skills, and his prompt attention to our needs. It has been a pleasure working with him and his staff. We look forward to working through the process of rebuilding and moving into our forever home thanks to Rob. We feel confident in recommending Design Build Company to anyone considering building.”

Don & Mary Coover


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