In an effort to provide organization, clarity, linear-visibility and client-oriented service we have pioneered a cutting edge and market-disruptive design build process.

Throughout our careers, we have seen many projects and many clients suffer because of a lack of an ‘end-to-end’ design and construction process with accountability and visibility.


The traditional approach to designing and building a home typically exhibits a lack of coordination. The client’s first step is to hire an architect, thinking this makes up the entire design process. Usually the client will tell their architect about the type of home they want, and how much money they would like to spend, and let them design the house. Often there is a lot of scope gap in the design phase. This is caused by not one individual thinking about the entire scope and all the other sub-consultants and tasks required with getting a permit. These items typically include soils report, survey topo, arborist reports, structural engineering, civil engineering, Title 24, Cal Green, etc..

Not only are there a lot of subconsultants to manage but each subconsultant come at a separate cost and their own time durations. Clients often suffer financial surprises because of the assumption that ‘everything’ or ‘most’ tasks included in ‘design’ are included in architecture. Clients also oftentimes suffer months of delays because by the time it was realized additional sub consultants were needed, then hired, there is generally a waiting period before the sub consultants can start their work.
Once the plans are complete, clients will generally get construction estimates from contractors that are significantly over their targeted budget. This is because there was not a sole coordinated effort, or an experienced builder involved throughout the design process to give financial feedback while the design was developing. Simple design changes can save the clients tens or sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, many may not know that a 10 foot ceiling is generally less expensive than an 9 foot ceiling or a 12 foot ceiling is less expensive than a 11 foot ceiling.
This is because of the length that traditional lumber comes in. This is just one but small example of the kinds of ‘value design and engineering’ that can be gained by having an experienced the builder involved in the design process.


At The Design Build Company we provide an all in one integrated design-build process where we work together in unison creating a budget, then designing to that budget, updating the budget as the design is developed, and then reporting financial changes throughout the process. The main purpose of our process is to help streamline the design-build process. in order to give the client financial visibility into their projects in order to ultimately save our clients time, surprises and money.


At The Design Build Company we leverage our Ownership and Senior Management Teams experience by starting with an initial project budget. This initial project budget encompasses all feasibility studies necessary like locating utilities, utility capacity, soils reports, architecture, engineering and all other design related tasks through permits and of course, construction. This detailed, fully comprehensive budget is intended to provide full financial visibility into a project. I often tell clients if they’re going to get ‘heartburn’ about the cost of their project I’d rather them have it before we started, rather than down the road.
Once the budget is approved, the budget then acts as a guideline throughout the design. As the design is developed the budget is updated to reflect the design development/changes to ensure if items are going to be under and or over budget the client gets immediate financial feedback. It is our motto that ‘it’s the client’s money and we would like them to deploy it where they see fit’. Once the design is complete and the plans are submitted to the Building Department, we then start our project bids campaign.
We get multiple sub-contractor bids to ensure that our clients are getting the best fair market deal. Once all the sub-contractor estimates are in and the permit is pulled, an updated budget is provided to the client. If the client approves the updated budget, then construction begins.
Once construction starts, we provide very comprehensive detailed project updates to our clients on a weekly basis. These updates include the schedule, photos depicting progress of the project along with a detailed task tracker, so the clients can follow along with critical task items and project activities. During the three most critical milestones, our construction managers and third-party quality control consultants walk project to ensure the home has been crafted with up most quality.
Once the project is complete, we then perform a comprehensive and detail-oriented completion walk through. Once our staff has completed our internal quality control walk, we then take the client through the house. We of course will take care of any quality control items requested by our clients.
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The Design Build Company is built for the present, but most importantly, we are building for the future. Our reputation matters deeply to us. We understand that the quality of our homes, and our ability to execute the budget and schedule, is what will sustain our company through the future while serving as the basis of our priorities in day-to-day operations.


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