With a BA in Interior Design, and over 15 years of professional experience in the design and construction industry, Jessica has the proven ability to lead projects from conceptualization to completion. She is a driven individual and believes as a designer, it is her duty to balance a connection between client needs and good design.

Jessica appreciates how the right home design can simply make life better, and it is one of her goals to form a functional space without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

She approaches each project like a puzzle waiting to be solved. However unlike most puzzles, there is not just one solution when it comes to designing a custom home. By effectively communicating with the client about their needs and desires, she can develop a vision for their home by creating an intentionally designed personal plan that reflects the client’s own individuality and lace it together with her thoughtful, clever and stylish eye for design. Jessica takes pride in her acute attention to detail, whether during design development, project management, or at project completion. She is continuously exploring new products and materials, as well as pushing boundaries with innovative design and details.

How Jessica Approaches Design

Just like a fingerprint, every property has its own unique characteristics. When first visiting a property, Jessica takes a few moments and gets a general assessment of the environment around the existing home or future home location. She can be found discovering  the natural surroundings, watching the sun, feeling the wind, locating view opportunities and working towards understanding how to combine the homeowner’s desires with what the nuances of the property call for. Her objective is to explore what fits with the flow of the land, and the desired lifestyle of the client, and find the balance that creates an inspiring design in honor of both.

A common desire of many of Jessica’s clientele, is a stronger connection between their indoor and outdoor lifestyle. Taking this into consideration, Jessica design style has evolved into a direct focus on nurturing this indoor-outdoor connection. The orientation of the home’s mainly used spaces are intentionally placed to take advantage of any available views, experiences such as the sound of a creek or the direction of the sun, and then injected with clever design details to make those spaces even more conducive to indoor-outdoor living. From covered patios, large pocketing sliding glass doors, and pass through windows to large open living spaces, these elements give the homeowner opportunities to experience the home in unique ways only found in truly high-end, intentional  design.

A home’s finish materials have a tremendous impact on how the home will feel at completion. Jessica’s natural aptitude in pulling together material and product selections and color palettes allows her to produce unique and inspiring design collections individual to each home’s needs. These skills prevent her from limiting herself as a designer by aligning with only one specific style or aesthetic,  but instead adapting to individual styles and pulling them together with her strong design principles.


Wikiup 1 | Modern
Wikiup 2 | Modern
Skyfarm | Modern Farmhouse
Royal Manor | Contemporary
Wikiup Bridge | Modern Farmhouse
Orange Ave | Modern Farmhouse
Wikiup | Contemporary
Skyfarm 1 | Contemporary
Wedgewood | Contemporary
Sedgemoore | Contemporary
Skyfarm | Modern Prairie
Foothill Road | Spanish
Lakepointe | Spanish
Petaluma | Modern Barn


Mountain Home Rd. – Woodside
Los Altos – Modern II
Los Altos – Modern III
Los Altos – Modern IV
Portola Valley – Modern II
Monterey Ave – Menlo Park

What our clients are saying about us…

“The Design Build Company coordinates and orchestrates multiple parallel aspects of a home build simultaneously while maintaining excellent communication with us and giving us the freedom to live our lives. They removed the stress, confusion, and anxiety that is normally associated with building a home from scratch. We could not be happier with our decision to use The Design Build Company.”

JP Montemayor, Medtronic, Santa Rosa


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